1. present
  2. gift
  3. presentation
  4. bonus
  5. offering
  6. İsim gratuity
  7. prezzie
  8. meed
  9. cumshaw
holiday gift
liberal gift
liberal gift
lavish gift
present in return
gift card İsim, Pazarlama
gift voucher İsim, Pazarlama
gift certificate İsim, Pazarlama
to present Fiil
to make a present of Fiil
to give something as a gift Fiil
to treat Fiil
to give Fiil
call feature
free gift coupon
gift voucher
gift box İsim
gift pack İsim
to giftwrap a purchase Fiil
gift giving
to gift Fiil
to make a gift of … to … Fiil
free gift coupon
to give away Fiil
to make someone a present of sth Fiil
to give someone something Fiil
to present someone with something Fiil
to press a gift on sb Fiil

Türkçe Sözlük (Kubbealtı Lugatı)

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