1. İsim, Yazılım oturum
  2. İsim oturum, duruşma, celse.
    Be seated! This court is now in session: Oturunuz! Mahkeme şimdi duruşmaya başlıyor.
  3. İsim toplantı, toplantı süresi.
    Parliament will not be in session again until after new year.
  4. İsim ders (saati).
    two afternoon sessions a week.
  5. İsim öğretim dönemi, yarıyıl.
  6. İsim Presbiteryen kilisesi yönetim kurulu.
  1. İsim oturum. A collaborative meeting or formal presentation in which a participant has chosen to share an application or desktop.
  2. İsim oturum. A period of time when a connection is active and communication can take place. For the purpose
    of data communication between functional units, session also refers to all the activities that take place during the establishment, maintenance, and release of the connection.
  3. İsim oturum. An instance that begins when someone signs into a web service or program.
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