ömür boyu

  1. İsim lifetime
  2. İsim forever
  3. İsim perpetual
  4. İsim lifelong
  5. İsim permanent
  6. İsim for life
penal servitude for life
to application for life Fiil
to appoint for life Fiil
term for life
to remain in a house during lifetime Fiil
established officer
lifelong education İsim, Eğitim
pension for life
income for life
annuity in perpetuity
life income
life imprisonment
penal servitude for life
particular estate
estate per life
to vest in the tenant of life Fiil
annuity agreement
contract of annuity
life-time employment guarantee
living trust
tenant for life
life beneficiary
perpetuity İsim
life tenure
lifetime exemption
freehold for life
lifelong learning (Kaynak: CEDEFOP) İsim, Eğitim
European Qualification Framework for Lifelong Learning İsim, Eğitim
permanent injury
life subscription
life member
aggravated life imprisonment İsim, Ceza Hukuku
to hold an office for life Fiil
ordinary long-term insurance
to invest one's fortune in life annuities Fiil
to hold an office for life Fiil
life imprisonment
(US) living trust