1. İsim bölüm.
    the History department of a university. the department of Mathematics. the children's clothing
    department of a large store.
  2. İsim şube, kısım, kol, kalem.
    the public relations department.
  3. İsim Bakanlık.
    the department of Commerce: Ticaret Bakanlığı.
  4. İsim daire.
    the Sanitation department.
  5. İsim servis.
    the production department.
  6. İsim görev, sorumluluk, mes'uliyet.
    “I'm not going to look after the baby” he said to his wife, “it's your department.”
  1. İsim bölüm. A category or functional part of an organization that performs a specific task, such as sales or accounting.