1. vote
  2. voting
  3. ballot
  4. polling
  5. poll
  6. putting something to a vote
vote by open ballot
roll-call vote
weighted ballot
vote on a resolution
vote in several ballots
multiple voting
direct voting
show of hands vote
vote by show of hands
vote by secret ballot
secret voting
strike vote
second ballot
vote on the shopfloor
secret ballot
card voting
proportional vote
voting by ballots
election by acclamation
voting by acclamation
(US) congressional vote
congressional vote
voice vote
vote by acclamation
voting on amendments
preferential voting
vote by proxy
vote by rising
voting habits İsim
to have qualified vote Fiil
to be qualified vote Fiil
right to vote
voting power
vote a resolution
to vote someone out of power Fiil
voting procedure
to vote away Fiil
demand for a poll
voting figures İsim
voting hours İsim
system of voting
voting system
result of an inquiry
result of ballot
round of the balloting
procedure on taking poll
procedure on taking a poll
to be entitled to a vote and to speak Fiil
to take a poll Fiil
voting power
to move a vote Fiil
to propose to divide the house on a question Fiil
to vote on a question Fiil
to vote by show of hands Fiil
strike vote meeting
to vote a resolution Fiil
first past the post system
to vote for approval of the minutes Fiil
to vote for the approval of the minutes Fiil

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