1. immediate
  2. prompt
  3. urgent
  4. sore
  5. pressing
  6. speedy
  7. swift
  8. hasty
  9. it admits of no delay
immediate urgency
urgent creditor
emergency maintenance time
emergency surgery Noun, Medicine-Health
emergency operation center
emergency operation
pressing Adjective
prompt attention
for immediate attention
emergency physician Noun, Employment
off emergency
emergency state
panic stations
urgent case
critical situation
go-bag Noun
dead man's switch Noun
emergency action notification
to declare a state of emergency Verb
disaster recovery plan Noun, Management
emergency committee
emergency legislation
emergency provisions Noun
to take emergency steps Noun
emergency measures Noun
to take emergency steps Verb
emergency plan Noun
contingency plans Noun
emergency program (me
emergency clause
emergency period
emergency instructions
emergency wage
emergency support
emergency legislation
emergency rule
emergency regime
Emergency Management Center Noun, Organizations
to relieve an emergency Verb
in extremis
in case of urgency
emergency withdrawal
in emergencies
urgent message
urgent need
urgent necessity
prime necessity
urgent want
pressing need
pressing necessity
emergency repairs Noun
emergency needs Noun
pressing business
emergency works Noun
emergency decree
edict emergency
pressing matter
Rapid Reaction Force
pressing debts Noun
urgently Adverb
to be reported as urgent Verb
premises badly in need of repair
measure of pressing urgency
urgent (urgency) measures
emergency nurse practitioner Noun, Employment
defence defense emergency
defensive emergency
casualty Noun, Medicine-Health
emergency room (ER) Noun, Medicine-Health
emergency service
emergency bed
speedy recovery
urgent order
urgent matter
urgent request
pressing demand
to be in pressing need of repair Verb
emergency repair
emergency assignment
to call for prompt action Verb
emergency actions Noun
emergency medicine Noun, Employment
emergency medical technician Noun, Employment
urgent case
case of emergency
case of urgency
instant relief
emergency aid
urgent relief Noun
to be in instant need of help Verb
emergency aid program me
emergency aid program (me)
emergency aid program (me
emergency relief service
emergency means Noun
to be in sore need of help Verb
flagrant necessity
to wish ... speedy recovery Verb
to tackle the urgent needs of the economy Verb
to deal with the most urgent things Verb
to radio an urgent appeal Verb
to radio an urgent appeal Verb
acyl group Noun, Chemistry
acyl halides Noun, Chemistry
emergency service
open sesame open
Disaster and Emergency Management Center Noun, Organizations
Disaster and Emergency Management Administration Noun, Organizations
United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) Noun, Organizations
office of emergency preparedness

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Vâdeye bağlı, ... yapılacak olan
  2. Çok acele, ... alınması gereken