1. cost
  2. price
  3. account
  4. fit
  5. meaning
  6. asset
  7. Noun reputation
  8. amount
  9. worth
  10. merit
  11. premium
  12. Noun dignity
  13. Noun valuation
  14. assets
  15. worthiness
  16. desert
  17. demerit
  18. force
  19. esteem n
  20. feck
  21. Music value
  22. valuable quality
  23. actual value
  24. valuta
net calorific value Noun, Energy-Resources
net calorific value Noun, Energy-Resources
stress value Noun, Mechanics
net of VAT Adverb, Accounting
salvage value, recovered value Noun, Insurance
gross calorific value Noun, Energy-Resources
gross calorific value Noun, Energy-Resources
exaggerated value
intermediate value
increment value
improved value
plus value
surplus value
excess value
appreciation surplus
incremental value
increased value and excess liabilities clause
minimum value
original value
maximum value
functional value Noun, Mathematics
issue par
physical value
valuation Noun
appraisal value
valuation Noun
capitalized value
present value
attached business value
fluctuating value
noteworthy Adjective
low order
inferior value
worth considering Adjective
sentimental value
(life insurance) cash surrender value
real value
effective value
actual value
accretion value
economic worth
economic value
intrinsic value
equal value
flat value
assumed value
intangible value
future value
true value
real value
hidden value
indicative value Noun, Banking
flat value
value in t (on t)
extrinsic value
damaged value
imaginary value
fictitious value
arbitrary value
face value
nominal value
denominational value
par value
good value
lasting value
value added
reasonable value
marginal value
security reserve fund
domestic value
appraised value
registered value
cash value
financial worth
net value
relative value
a thing or two
to be well worth reading
decimal value Information Technology
average value
mean value
potential value
actual value
real value
fixed value
industrial value
boundary value Information Technology
default value Noun
appraisal value
at the full value
exact value
full value
inverse value
commercial value
trading value
trade value
true value
total value
default value Information Technology
estimation Noun
approximate value
face value
original value
annual value
high order
economic value
enhanced value
apparent value
to be worth while
intrinsic value
value range
improvement in value
appreciation Noun
rise in value
to place value Verb
value adjustment
valuation clause
evaluation Noun
assessment Noun, Taxation-Customs
to appraise Verb
to assess Verb
value depreciation
value index
factor of value
paying fas
depreciation Noun
to suffer a depreciation Verb
impairment Noun
loss in value Noun, Insurance
depreciation Noun
appreciation Noun
to appreciate Verb
to increase in value Verb
to gain Verb
to come into value Verb
in terms of value
in value
standard of value
value date
theories of value Noun
value assessment
assessment of value
to value Verb
to rate Verb
to place value Verb
to esteem v Verb
creation of value
culture Noun
value judgment Noun
value chain Noun, Management
to the value of

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Bir şeyin taşıdığı maddî varlığa göre ... biçilen kıymet, bedel, valör