1. useful
  2. efficient
  3. healthy
  4. helpful
  5. worthwhile
  6. profitable
  7. beneficial
  8. Adjective advantageous
  9. kindly
  10. good
  11. Adjective salutary
  12. wholesome
  13. Adjective efficacious
  14. Adjective nifty
  15. practical
  16. utilizable
  17. fructuous
useful plant
useful work
utility model Noun
to redeem Verb
to pay Verb
to benefit Verb
to stand someone in good stead Verb
commodity Noun
commodity Noun
mechanical (useful) effect
useful load Noun, Transport
payload Noun
useful area
to get something out of something Verb
to come into your own Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Faydası olan, ... istifâdeli, nâfi