1. Noun, Competition Law competitor
  2. Noun opposition
  3. match
  4. opponent
  5. peer
  6. rival
  7. adversary
  8. antagonist
  9. opposite number
  10. opposing number
  11. contester
party rival
cutthroat competitor
chief rival
closest rival
closest competitor
as-efficient competitor Noun, Competition Law
equally-efficient competitor Noun, Competition Law
actual competitor Noun, Competition Law
cut- price competitor
cut-price competitor
potential competitor Noun, Competition Law
worthy adversary
rival candidate
competitor analysis
rival bank
to be ahead of one's competitors Verb
rival shop
competing firm
(US) competing outfit
rival firm
competing corporation
competitive firm
competitor firm
rival business concern
competing outfit
competitive enterprise
competitor's price
competitive enterprise
competitive power
rival claim
rival manufacturer
competing business
competitive business world Noun
competing merchandise
competitive article
rival commodities Noun
competitor's goods Noun
to shut out competitive goods Verb
competitive brand
competing brands Noun
to hold one's own in competitive markets Verb
program (me) opposite
rival bank
competitive assault
competing industries Noun
competitive industries Noun
competitive conditions Noun
competing corporation
rival company
to take some beating Verb
rival supply
competing offer
competitive bidder
competing plant
rival plant
competitive species (Kaynak: Evrim Çalışkanları) Noun, Biology
competing producer
rival product
competitive line
competing product
competitive product
rival product
actual competitor
dissensions between rival groups in politics
to run against sb Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Aynı şeyi elde etmek isteyenlerden, aynı ... için uğraşanlardan her biri
  2. Binen kimse, binici