1. main
  2. basis
  3. prime
  4. beginning
  5. master
  6. chief
  7. key
  8. substantial
  9. leading
  10. principal
  11. constitutional
  12. classic
  13. fabric
  14. ultimate
  15. underlying
  16. essence
  17. root
  18. primary
  19. nucleus
  20. Noun basement
  21. radical
  22. elementary
  23. footing
  24. bedding
  25. ground
  26. rudimentary
  27. grounding
  28. fundamental
  29. gut
  30. pedestal
  31. cardinal
  32. elemental
  33. groundwork
  34. Noun rudiment
  35. bottom
  36. basic
  37. boss
  38. pith
  39. foot
  40. primordial
  41. constitutive
  42. substructure
  43. substratum
  44. fond
  45. soul
  46. Noun fundament
  47. support
  48. germ
  49. Noun foundation
  50. base
  51. origin
  52. basic principle
  53. basic fundamental
  54. most important
  55. ground work
  56. underpinnings
  57. basics
  58. gravamen
  59. groundline
  60. warp and woof
ultimate issue Noun, Criminal Law
gold basis
foundations of a block of flats
basis of valuation
Manufacture of other inorganic basic chemicals (NACE code: C20.1.3) Noun, Trades-Professions
Manufacture of other organic basic chemicals (NACE code: C20.1.4) Noun, Trades-Professions
basis of expansion
calculation basis
building foundation
basis of comparison
cooperative basis
capital basis
insurance basis
basis of contract Noun
Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products (NACE code: C21.1) Noun, Trades-Professions
Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products (NACE code: C21.1.0) Noun, Trades-Professions
Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations (NACE code: C21) Noun, Trades-Professions
fundamental rights and freedoms Noun, Rights-Freedoms
highway foundation
subgrade Noun
constitutional basis
regional basis
secure foundation
common platform
solid foundation
factual basis
commercial basis
to rest Verb
fundamental analysis
basic treaty
basic research
to lay the foundation Verb
basic linkage
basic skills Noun
basics Noun
gad nail
principal clause
fundamental attitude
core values Noun, Management
base period
basic language
formal education
basic study
basic industry
elements Noun
the elements Noun
fundamental idea
basic idea
root idea
basic price
basic formula
basic requirements Noun
staple food
chief impulse
staple right
basic right
substantial right
fundamental rights Noun
capital fault
basic fault
organic law Law
essential provision
essential elements Noun
necessity Noun
verity Noun
frame of reference
basic tenets Noun
original acts Noun
basic functions Noun
basic concern
basic ration
fundamental conception
foundation pile Construction
basic coding
basic instruction
basic allowance
basic facilities Noun
basic quota
basic course
basic salary
basic wage
basic material
basic materials
principal cause
no- frills
basically Adverb
substantially Adverb
basic size
essential principle
master schedule
basic ration
pivotal industry
basic trade
essential industry
fundamental clause
fundamental condition
basic condition
essential condition
basic requirements Noun
root cause
stock capital
key service
fundamental question
fundamental problem
major policies Noun
basic stock
basic ration
basic concern
elemental particle
class basis
foundation block
foundation stone
basic compensation
fundamental attitude
base (basic) rate
class rate
base pay
(pension salary) basic benefit
essentials Noun
essential elements Noun
basic products Noun
basic data
fundamental data
fact sheet
organic law Law
primary powers Noun
base year
basic obligation
basic obligations
base time

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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