1. Noun, International Law representative, agent
  2. Noun representative
  3. agent
  4. delegate
  5. attorney
  6. sales account
  7. concessionaire
  8. concessionnaire
  9. rep
  10. one's man of business
  11. representer
  12. vicarious agent
  13. commissary
association officials Noun, Management
state agent Noun, International Law
industry representatives Noun
chief representative
principal agent
head agent
permanent representative Noun, Politics-Intl. Relations
resident representative Noun, Politics-Intl. Relations
ordinary agent
regular agent
diplomatic representative
diplomatic agent
outside agent
foreign representative
representative abroad
foreign agent
unpaid agent
principal agent
universal agent
chief agent
general representative
general agent
head agent
agent general
representative men from all classes
lawful representative
statutory agent
legal representative
agent of necessity
local agent
fiscal agent
financial agent
domestic factor
special representative
special deputy
private agent
official representative
plenipotentiary Noun, International Law
nominated representative
sole representative
commercial representative
commercial agent
commercial delegate
ostensible agent
assistant agent
exclusive bargaining agent
sole agent
sole agency
sole representative
local agent
man of the spot
accredited representative
authorized agent
recognized agent
certified agent
accredited agent
authorized representative Noun, Law
agency without authority
to order goods through a representative Verb
term of an agent
representative firm
cross section
to depute Verb
representative capacity
to application an agent Verb
(Lat.) delegatus non potest delegare
authority of an agent
to send a representative to a conference Verb
to retain an agent Verb
to appoint someone one's agent Verb
to appoint someone one's agent Verb
to send a deputation to confer with sb Verb
to appoint a diplomatic agent Verb
to act only as agent for Verb
Deputy Permanent Delegation to European Union Noun, Organizations

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

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