1. food
  2. feed
  3. meal
  4. touch
  5. diet
  6. erode
  7. tucker
  8. Noun nourishment
  9. ingest
  10. fret
  11. chow
  12. repast
  13. eat
  14. have
  15. provender
  16. put away
  17. Verb to eat
  18. Verb (money) to spend recklessly
  19. Verb to corrode
  20. Verb to consume
  21. victuals
  22. Verb, Chess to capture
  23. Verb to have
  24. ingesta
  25. eats
  26. ingestant
(Fr.) plat du jour
supper Noun, Food-Kitchen
evening meal Noun, Food-Kitchen
dinner Noun, Food-Kitchen
five course- dinner
(Fr.) piece de resistance
Event catering and other food service activities (NACE code: I56.2) Noun, Trades-Professions
wedding breakfast
meat dish
merely ordinary
plain fare
home cooking
homely fare
plain food
gala dinner
five o'clock tea
business lunch (eon)
business lunch
luncheon meeting session
working dinner
poke- out
Restaurants and mobile food service activities (NACE code: I56.1) Noun, Trades-Professions
Restaurants and mobile food service activities (NACE code: I56.1.0) Noun, Trades-Professions
elaborate dinner
lunch Noun, Food-Kitchen
Event catering activities (NACE code: I56.2.1) Noun, Trades-Professions
dinner party
official dinner
banquet dinner
formal dinner
quiet dinner party
The Last Supper Noun, Religion-Faith
table d'hâte lunch
hodge podge
free luncheon facilities
sloppy joe's
send off
testimonial dinner
esophageal perforation Noun, Medicine
heavy meal
(slang) to get a scolding Verb
(dish) prepared to order
main dish Food-Kitchen
to snack Verb
to snack Verb
chief meal
free meals
generous meal
large meal
draw on one's capital
to snack Verb
to incur a penalty Verb
to stuff yourself Verb
to stuff Verb
to get a thrashing Verb
take a beating
catch it
square meal
tuck in
to concede a goal Verb, Football
fine dinner
defeat one's creditors
to get something illegally or illegitimately Verb
package food
to make a blunder Verb
to do something improper Verb
tuck away
tuck in
to mess together Verb
live on cash earnings
to be cheated Verb
to have been badly let down Verb
(slang) to be swindled Verb
to get the shaft Verb
to get a drubbing Verb
spare meal
to get one's ears prinned back Verb
to get told off Verb
free- board
to get a slap on the face Verb
to make inroads upon one's capital Verb
live on one's capital
invade the principal
tap capital
live on prior means
hot plate
cold dish
to get kicked Verb
to be cuffed Verb
(restaurant) dish that is off
to die from the bends Verb
to be crippled by the bends Verb
to eat a meal Verb
to force down something Verb
fragments of a meal
food pipe Medicine
tuckerbag Noun
chopsticks Noun, Food-Kitchen
meal expenses Noun
to prepare a meal Verb
food card
food coupon
soup ticket
meal ticket
luncheon voucher
meal voucher
bill of fare
menu card
dining table Noun, Food-Kitchen
dining room table Noun, Food-Kitchen
food expense
dining room Noun, Architecture
meal interval Noun
dinner time
dining hall
post prandial
dinner plate Noun, Kitchen Appliances
mess allowance
stoke up
ptomaine poisoning
to dine in private Verb
to eat a la carte Verb
to take one's meals out of doors Verb
to dine out Verb
to eat lightly Verb
to put on the nose- bag Verb
pick at one's food
to eat like a horse Verb
to eat out Verb
to grab for nix Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Ağızda çiğneyerek yutmak
  2. Yemek işi