1. period
  2. age
  3. light
  4. date
  5. Bilgi Teknolojileri day
  6. daytime
  7. weekday
  8. sun
  9. time
  10. happy-days
  11. feast-day
shopping day
day in day out
memorial day
mothering sunday
mother's day
armistice day
father's day
nonbusiness d
on the day of a religious festival
market d
trading d
business day
trading day
stock- exchange holiday
stock-exchange holiday
carrying over day
option day
working day
secular day
washing day
drawing day
drawing d
day of filing
court day
audit day
day of presentation
rest day
day of birth
days in bane
hearing date
day in court
day fixed for trial
appearance day
court day
legal d
trial date
legal day
nuptial day
International Women's Day
tidal day
general election day
day of entry
day of duty
(US) Inauguration Day
inauguration day
week d
account day
settlement day
day of account
day of reckoning İsim, Din ve İnanç
settling day
day of judgment
execution deadline
making up day
day of supply
autograph session İsim
book-signing İsim
name day
work day
Weekday Bilgi Teknolojileri
working day
business day
off day
leave day
pink tea
regular day
reception day
day of obligation
yom kippur
the last day
last judgment
judgment judgement day
the last d
judgement day
Day of Reckoning Din ve İnanç
Day of Judgement İsim
convention date
liberation day
settling day
pay d
cash day
kaiser's geburtstag
pay date
juridical day
appearance day
appearance day
national holiday
day of appearance
effective date
settling day
day of nomination
Christmas Day İsim, Din ve İnanç
opening day of the session
term day
crucial date
deadline date
pay day
Teachers' Day İsim
day of death
(Br) post day
post day
mail day
contango day
continuation day
day of election
polling day
election d
day for election
election day
mobilization day
final day of a school term
standard working day
Thanksgiving İsim
Turkey Day İsim
calendar day
natural d
calendar date
natural day
day of settlement
settlement day
moving day
open day
red-letter d
day rest
free day
open d
(Fr.) jour de fête
day of nomination
day of service
contango day
day of delivery
delivery day
(Br) delivery day
meeting day
transfer day
term day
fixed day
day of maturity
day of expiration
day of arrival
judgement day
judgment day
broadcast day
high- day
loading day
loading d
visiting day

Türkçe Sözlük (Kubbealtı Lugatı)

  1. Dünyânın kendi yörüngesi etrâfında bir defa ... 24 saatlik zaman parçası
  2. bk. –gın