1. Zarf more or less
  2. about
  3. almost
  4. Zarf nearly
  5. Zarf fairly
  6. Zarf virtually
  7. Zarf practically
  8. just about
  9. Zarf presently
  10. damn (ed) near
  11. soon
  12. well nigh
  13. very nearly
  14. pretty soon
  15. before long
to come within an ace of … Fiil
to be within an ace of … Fiil
to miss doing something Fiil
most, if not all, ...
scarcely Zarf
hardly Zarf
barely Zarf
to touch on treason Fiil
to fall over backwards Fiil
moral certainty İsim
to come near being knocked down by the bus Fiil
most, if not all, ...
to be hot on the trail Fiil
to be all over someone Fiil
at close quarters
near dictatorial
the best part of ... İsim
to be within the limit of an overdraft Fiil

Türkçe Sözlük (Kubbealti Lugati)

  1. Hemen hemen, ... kaldı ki