1. thing
  2. fact
  3. act
  4. affair
  5. appearance
  6. incident
  7. phenomenon
  8. process
  9. episode
  10. occurrence
  11. batch
  12. happening
  13. case
  14. hardy annual
  15. circumstance
  16. casus
  17. event
  18. doings
  19. occurrent
  20. unusual event
a sad event
travesty of justice
completely different animal İsim, Deyim
totally different ball game İsim, Deyim
whole new ball game İsim, Deyim
eventuality n
fortuitous event
conspiracy of silence
right of action İsim, Hukuk
natural event
touching incident
common event
excitement İsim
sensation İsim
first impression
inevitable event
law- creating event
state occasion
physical fact
unfortunate circumstance
isolated incident İsim
isolated instance İsim
isolated event İsim
possible event
frustrating event
the present case İsim, Hukuk
foreseeable event
historic event
classic event
historical event
incident İsim
dangerous accurence
dangerous occurrence
singular occurrence
casus fortuitous
chance event
fortuitous event
social event
civil disturbance İsim, Siyaset-Ulusl. İlişkiler
unfortunate occurrence
event of international importance
notable event
taxable event İsim, Hukuk
taxable event İsim, Hukuk
to make a scene Fiil
to bust up Fiil
to kick up a stink Fiil
attendant circumstances İsim
date of incident İsim
event horizon İsim, Fizik
to stir it up Fiil
scene İsim
crime scene İsim
accident scene İsim
incident scene İsim
crime scene investigation (CSI) İsim, Hukuk
on-scene coordinator İsim
judicial survey
found on premises
to make investigation on the spot Fiil
onlookers İsim
spot coverage
to infamously ... Fiil
law made for the occasion
serious adverse event (SAE) İsim, Tıp ve Sağlık
there is no apparent link-up between the two cases
to relate two facts Fiil
view of an inquest İsim
case study Bilgi Teknolojileri
case study (Kaynak: Evrim Çalışkanları) İsim
occasional music

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