1. restaurant
  2. refreshment house
fast-food restaurant
quick restaurant
quick lunch bar (counter)
fast- food restaurant
roof-top restaurant
roof- top restaurant
class restaurant
de-luxe restaurant
quick lunch bar
self-service restaurant
hush shop
restaurant car
(Br) restaurant car
buffet car
dining car
cafe car
roadside establishment
to reserve a table at a restaurant Fiil
restaurant bill
pan jerker İsim
restaurant worker
(US) to operate (Br) to run a restaurant Fiil
restaurant owner
to settle up with sb Fiil
to operate (run ,) a restaurant Fiil
horeca İsim, İşletme
horeca İsim, Gıda ve Mutfak
hotel-restaurant-catering İsim, Gıda ve Mutfak
horeca İsim, Gıda ve Mutfak
hotel-restaurant-café İsim, Gıda ve Mutfak