1. election
  2. İsim selection
  3. outstanding
  4. distinguished
  5. select
  6. superior
  7. fancy
  8. exquisite
  9. polling
  10. İsim compilation
  11. assorted
  12. choosing
  13. İsim audition
  14. volition
  15. choice
  16. elect
  17. hand picked
  18. option
  19. selecting
  20. electing
  21. free will
Civil Servant Selection Exam Özel Isim, Kamu Yönetimi
Student Selection Exam Özel Isim, Eğitim
Student Selection and Placement Exam Özel Isim, Eğitim
selection on the basis of aptitude
electronic tuning
electronic tuning
selection İsim, İnsan Kaynakları
recruitment İsim, İnsan Kaynakları
broadcast select
selection of shares
prime election
choice of employment
judge shopping İsim, Hukuk
menu selection
auto select Bilgi Teknolojileri
random sample selection
elective act
electoral duty
right of change Sigorta
voting right İsim
choice İsim
franchise İsim
elective franchise İsim
right to vote İsim
suffrage İsim
right of choice İsim
electoral franchise İsim
selective function
selection committee
select passages
selection board
choice commodities
good value
product line extension
choice goods İsim
product lines İsim
choice goods İsim
selective device
freedom of choice
slect passages İsim
select passages İsim
selection test
broadcast journalism
to make a selection Fiil
voting age İsim, Siyaset-Ulusl. İlişkiler
promotion by selection
to be promoted by selection Fiil
finest pieces of a collection İsim
to fill a job through selection consultants Fiil
belles lettres İsim
gift selection catalog (ue
gift selection catalog (ue)
enlistment engagement option
right of domicile
screening test
option of nationality
Civil Servant Selection Exam Özel Isim, Kamu Yönetimi
Student Selection and Placement Center Özel Isim, Kurum İsimleri
Center for Evaluation, Selection and Placement İsim, Kurum İsimleri
Publication Selection Board İsim, Kurum İsimleri

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