1. appraisal
  2. projected
  3. approximate
  4. conjectural
  5. appraised
  6. ballpark
  7. in conjectures
  8. in approximations
failure prediction
deficit projection
interval estimation
failure prediction
increase forecast
increase in forecast
maintenance estimate
printing estimate
preassessment of a loss
anticipation of life İsim
appropriation of money to a debt
stock market prediction
area forecast
budgetary estimate İsim
budget estimate İsim
expansion forecast
growth forecast
environment forecast
inflation forecast
financial forecast
expected price
price estimate
forecast of a slump
forecast of a slump
estimate of income
income tax forecast
revenue forecast
predicted cost
estimation of cost
spending estimate
weather forecast
weather cast
terminal forecast
civil estimates
building estimate
builder's estimate
business prediction
manpower (forecasting) approach
labor estimate İsim
unemployment projection
rough estimate of expenses
projection of profit
earnings expectations
earnings estimate
estimate of profits
profit forecast
cashflow forecast
earnings projection
estimate of a lease
business forecast (ing)
crop forecast
crop forecast
estimate of costs
cost prediction
cost estimate
estimate of expenditure
forecast of national product
contractor's estimate
population forecast
mean-range forecast
market forecast
sales forecast (ing)
sales estimate
sales forecast
sales estimation
sales forecasting
sales projection
election forecasting
estimated inventory
estimate of demand
demand forecasting
savings estimate
consumption prospect
flight forecast
long- sighted weather forecast
revenue projection
projected financial statements İsim
estimated weight
rough balance
ballpark figure İsim
fixed budget
forecast budget
estimated tare
estimated amount
forward s financial statements İsim
predicted cost
estimated expenditure
estimated costs İsim
probable life
estimate of the costs of construction İsim
estimated cost
estimated costs
predicted cost
estimating cost system
estimated charges İsim
estimated amount
roughly Zarf
approximately Zarf
probability of life
probable life
probable duration of life
estimated life
estimated premium
his fortune is estimated at
estimated time of arrival
expected time of arrival
estimated time of arrival
estimate of productiveness
expectancy of life Sigorta
expectation of life
forecast chart İsim
(US) weather caster
weather prophet
weather caster
to forecast the weather Fiil
to draw up an estimate Fiil
estimated income tax payable
to negative an inference Fiil
predictive ... İsim

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