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  1. extension
  2. delay
  3. prompt
  4. İsim, Bankacılık maturity
  5. due date
  6. respite
  7. time
  8. fixed time
  9. term
  10. İsim, Bankacılık option
  11. period of time
  12. fixed term
  13. terminal date
  14. time allowed
  15. fixed period of time
  16. date of maturity
  17. grace period
  18. one's hour of death
time for acceptance İsim
maturity of a claim İsim
term of a bill of exchange İsim
maturity of a bill İsim
time of a draft İsim
tied times İsim
term of acceptance İsim
gale day İsim
correct notice İsim
payment time İsim, Ticaret
payment deadline İsim, Ticaret
payment date İsim, Ticaret
due date İsim, Ticaret
offering date İsim
term of delivery İsim
tax- filing date İsim
filing date İsim
(US) tax-filing date İsim
tax deadline İsim
30 days sight
stated period
respite of a month
time- expired
expired term
expired term
maturity of a term
original maturity
statutory period
short maturity
short note
short notice
obligatory maturity
(US) obligatory maturity
regular term
intermediate- term
medium term
average date
time as provided in the contract
extended term
extended term
near by
future month
(US) future month
due date
maturity date
date of maturity
aging schedule
bill book
cash at maturity
maturity value
expiring date
value when due
term day
fixed day
day of maturity
day of expiration
at the specified tenor
time interest earned
date of maturity
by terms
to sell on time Fiil
to lay down a time limit Fiil
date plan
term premium
instalment system
without time limit
demand deposit
due date İsim, Ticaret
date of maturity İsim, Ticaret
maturity date İsim, Ticaret
value on expiration
maturity value
value on maturity
time clauses İsim
to give grace Fiil
date of expiry
due date
maturity term
maturity date
to fix a due date Fiil
acceptance liability ledger
indenture bond
deadline misser
reminder of due date
precarious loan
to provide a time limit Fiil
to set a term Fiil
maturity mismatch İsim, Bankacılık
maturity mismatch İsim, Bankacılık
year of maturity
at fixed dates
to indulge a debtor Fiil
to complete a bill Fiil
to specify a time Fiil
to set a period of time Fiil
to settle a day Fiil
to set a term Fiil
to set up a day Fiil
interest date
interest due date
to keep down interest Fiil
short and immediate term credit
mean-range forecast
mean due date
premium due date
to complete a bill Fiil
bills payable book (journal)
note tickler
day of payment
at a prompt of three months

Türkçe Sözlük (Kubbealtı Lugatı)

  1. Bir işin yapılması, bir borcun ödenmesi ... tanınan zaman, mühlet, mehil