1. useless
  2. wicked
  3. naughty
  4. sly
  5. Sıfat mischievous
  6. bad
  7. impish
  8. good-for-nothing
  9. scamp
  10. unlicked cub
  11. spalpeen
  12. no- good
  13. deil
  14. Sıfat puckish
  15. scalawag
  16. espiègle
  17. misbehaved
it serve no useful purpose
fit for nothing
of no mortal use
good- for-nothing
it is of little avail
wanton child
urchin İsim
(Fr.) enfant terrible
to be fit for nothing Fiil
restrictive practices İsim
to wear out Fiil
ne'er do well
to prove useless Fiil
There is no amount of money that will convince me. Cümle

Türkçe Sözlük (Kubbealti Lugati)

  1. Uslu durmayan, ... dinlemeyen, haşarı