examination table, exam table, medical examination table, medical exam table İsim, Sağlık Cihazları
  1. gain
  2. bush
  3. dump
  4. outlet
  5. deposit
  6. bearing
  7. bank
  8. mattress
  9. shelter
  10. cradle
  11. berth
  12. couch
  13. bed
  14. course
  15. bedstead
  16. head
  17. fulcrum
  18. headstock
  19. vein
  20. lair
  21. lode
  22. crash bed
  23. day bed
  24. placer
  25. plateau
  26. support
  27. den
  28. quarters
  29. divan
  30. bushing
  31. channel (of a river)
  32. (mineral) seam
  33. (thives , animals) den
  34. (mech) bearing
  35. receiver of stolen goods
  36. bearing lining
  37. guide
hospital bed İsim, Tıp
camp bed İsim, Tıp
Manufacture of mattresses (NACE code: C31.0.3) İsim, Sanayi ve Zanaatler
intensive care bed İsim, Tıp
removable bed
main bearing
storage bed İsim, Ev Ürünleri
bed with storage İsim, Ev Ürünleri
cone bearing
ball bearing
spherical bearing
ball trust
thrust ball bearing
ball race
ball race bearing
ball bearing
double decker
double bed
disappearing bed
tapered seat
cone bearing
conical journal
conical seat
bevel seat
canopy bed
feather bed
roller bearing
hotel bedroom surplus
air mattress İsim
air bed
single bed
spring mattress
spare bed
board and residence
bed partner İsim
bed sheet
sheet İsim, Tekstil Sanayii
heating pad
bed rest İsim, Tıp
guide bush
lining of the bearing
piercing bushing
large harbor İsim
white alloy
subgrade modulus İsim, İnşaat
chamber İsim, Mimarlık
bedchamber İsim, Mimarlık
bedroom İsim, Mimarlık
bed room İsim, Mimarlık
studio couch
counterpane İsim, Tekstil Sanayii
bedspread İsim, Tekstil Sanayii
bedroom suite (of furniture) or set of bedsheets and pillowcases (for one b
bedding İsim, Tekstil Sanayii
to change a bed Fiil
bed and breakfast
to exploit a face Fiil
master bedroom İsim
to make up a bed for the unexpected guests Fiil
night nursery İsim
to endow a bed in hospital Fiil
bed sitting room İsim
(Br) bed sitting room İsim
bed-sitting room İsim
hall bedroom İsim
cubicle İsim
spare bedroom İsim
single bedroom İsim
bedclothes İsim

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