1. Sıfat incompetent
  2. Sıfat insufficient
  3. inadequate
  4. slim
  5. narrow
  6. Zarf poorly
  7. unsatisfactory
  8. hopeless
  9. scarce
  10. thin
  11. meagre
  12. scant
  13. half-way
  14. deficient
  15. Zarf inadequately
  16. bad
  17. Sıfat scanty
  18. threadbare
  19. skimp
  20. crummy
  21. ropey
  22. exiguous
  23. Lenten
  24. incommensurate
  25. in short supply
  26. lacking
  27. feeble
  28. slender
  29. inefficient
  30. ropy
  31. unequal to
with inadequate means
inadequate Sıfat
insufficient Sıfat
insufficient assets
insufficient assets İsim
insufficient capitalization
insufficient balance
poor supply
out-of-memory Bilgi Teknolojileri
malnutrition İsim, Çevre ve Ekoloji
inadequately Zarf
shoestring budget
frivolous answer
to be spread thinly Fiil
flimsy evidence
insufficient evidence İsim, Hukuk
threadbare arguments İsim
insufficient funds
malnutrition İsim
inadequate remedy (common law)
inadequate sentence
inadequate sentence
to fail Fiil
threadbare arguments İsim
to rebuild inadequate reserves Fiil
inadequate resources
insufficient pay
not enough pay
small resources İsim
blind headline
lame (paltry) excuse
slim evidence
slim excuse
poor (thin) excuse
inadequately Zarf
to be spread thinly Fiil
half- measure
inefficient measure
to send a boy to mill Fiil
to have inadequate means Fiil
to understock Fiil
poorly Zarf
scant allowance
scanty compensation
thin margin
insufficient food supplies
short caps İsim
to be below strength Fiil
frivolous answer
to consider something insufficient Fiil
to fall down on something Fiil
inadequate information
understaffed office

Türkçe Sözlük (Kubbealti Lugati)

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