1. forage
  2. Fiil to court
  3. Fiil to feel after
  4. Fiil to inquire
  5. Fiil to nose
  6. Fiil to quest
  7. Fiil to root about
  8. Fiil to search
  9. Fiil to ask for
  10. Fiil to inquire after
  11. Fiil to drop in on
  12. Fiil to try to find
  13. Fiil to call
  14. Fiil to give a call
  15. Fiil to look
  16. Fiil to look for
  17. Fiil to place a call
  18. Fiil to poke about
  19. Fiil to poke around in something
  20. Fiil to pursue
  21. Fiil to seek
  1. Fiil call. To attempt to establish a voice conversation with another person or other people from a phone, computer, or mobile device.
  2. Fiil search. To try to locate an object (a file, a folder, a computer, a text).
to call collect Fiil, Telekomünikasyon
to call in Fiil, Radyo ve Televizyon

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