1. successful
  2. healthy
  3. Adverb successfully
  4. Adjective prosperous
  5. fruitful
  6. (Fr.) arrive
  7. palmy
  8. triumphant
  9. on top
like a bomb
on the up and up
predictive Adjective
prosperous Adjective
successful candidate
make- out artist
successfully Adverb
aida (attention , interest , desire , action)
successfully Adverb
roaring business
value of plant in successful operation
brilliant performance
going strong
to come off Verb
to prosper Verb
to win out Verb
to do Verb
to make it Verb
to stand the racket Verb
to bring off Verb
to follow through Verb
to shine Verb
to rise Verb
to go down Verb
to make out Verb
to meet with success Verb
to make something of yourself Verb
to make good Verb
to get it right Verb
to click Verb
to gain ground Verb
to bear sail Verb
to work Verb
to achieve Verb
attractive advertising
effective selling
banner sales year
lucky venture
brilliant performance
to secundation Verb
to get to grips with a problem Verb
to believe in someone Verb
to keep someone back Verb
to bring off something Verb
to make it to something Verb
best performance
best performance
to cook with radar Verb
best performance
to come off best Verb
to never look back Verb
to get ahead Verb
to get on in the world Verb
to get no change out of Verb
to get a lift up in the world Verb
attainments in latin
to cap one's career Verb
to bring negotiations to a satisfactory conclusion Verb
to steal the show Verb
to pass a test Verb
to shave through an examination Verb
to stage a comeback Verb
box-office attraction Cinema
to put a good show Verb
to be a hard act to follow Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Başarı gösteren, ... muvaffak olan