1. happy
  2. glad
  3. satisfied
  4. delighted
  5. amused
  6. thankful
  7. content
  8. joyful
  9. contented
  10. gratified
  11. fain
  12. pleased
glad to reciprocate in similar kind
hard to please
to be hard to please Verb
gratification Noun
to gratify Verb
to delight Verb
to content Verb
to satisfy Verb
to make someone happy Verb
to please Verb
to fetch Verb
to please sb Verb
to be solicitous to please Verb
to dissatisfy Verb
to displease Verb
hard to please
gratification Noun
satisfaction Noun
to put a good face on one's actions Verb
to be pleased Verb
to delight Verb
to take kindly to Verb
to be satisfied Verb
demonstration by discontented workmen
to be happy with ... Verb
to be happy about ... Verb
to be surprised at (frightened , pleased etc)
to content yourself with something Verb
to delight in something Verb
to glory in something Verb
(US) job satisfaction
to be well- pleased Verb
to be very well pleased Verb
to please an audience Verb
to be in one's element Verb
contentment Noun
job satisfaction
endeavour to please one's wife
dissatisfied with one's salary
to appreciate greatly Verb
I am delighted to make your acquaintance. Sentence

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Sevinen, sevinç ... mutlu, mesrur