1. Noun application
  2. Noun application
  3. Noun, Education-Training applied session
  4. Noun implementation
  5. Noun implementing
  6. Noun administration
  7. Noun execution
  8. Noun practice
  9. Noun praxis
  10. Noun enforcement
  11. Noun system
  12. Noun mechanism
  13. Noun rule
  14. Noun convention
  15. Noun app
state practice Noun, International Law
Dental practice activities (NACE code: Q86.2.3) Noun, Trades-Professions
General medical practice activities (NACE code: Q86.2.1) Noun, Trades-Professions
arbitrary practice Noun, Politics-Intl. Relations
village-guard system Noun, Politics-Intl. Relations
village-guard system Noun, Politics-Intl. Relations
messaging application Noun, Software
customary practice Noun
Medical and dental practice activities (NACE code: Q86.2) Noun, Trades-Professions
territorial application Noun, International Law
in practice Adverb
applied Adjective, Education-Training
Specialist medical practice activities (NACE code: Q86.2.2) Noun, Trades-Professions
Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system Noun, Football
progressive approximations
administration of justice
practice to the contrary
uniform application
dealing out
imposition of a penalty
screen adaptation
best practice
co-administration Noun, Pharmacology
discriminatory taxation Noun
tax discrimination
application of funds
established practice
common practice
charging order
unfair price discrimination
administrative practice
normal bona fide commercial practice
normal bona fide commercial practice
administration of law
carrying law
strict application
operation of rule
current practice Noun
previous application
mailed application
practical application
project performance
project execution
anti-competitive practice Noun, Competition Law
restricted application
standard practice
individual bargaining
commercial practice
consistent practice
with tax privileges
wrong application
scope of application Noun
range of application Noun
field of application Noun
application area Noun
scope of implementation, implementation scope Noun
impracticable idea
application enabling Information Technology
application analyst Noun, Employment
of no practical value
implement order
equality of treatment
cost of implementation Noun
application virtual machine
implementing provisions Noun
implementing provisions Noun
application zoning plan Noun, Zoning Law
application requester Information Technology
enforceability Noun, Law
implementation clauses Noun
implementing regulations Noun
translational Adjective
application package
implementation plan Noun, Environment-Ecology
application software Noun, Software
application program Noun, Software
implementation project Noun
working drawing Noun, Architecture
application system
implementing convention
application server Information Technology
period of implementation
application techniques Noun
implementing regulation
application software Information Technology
route of administration Noun, Pharmacology
method of application
method statement Noun, Occupational Safety
YANLIŞ: method of statement Noun, Occupational Safety
execution time
to reduce an invention to practice Verb
to overcome the practical difficulties of a scheme Verb
to polish something up Verb
to allot stocks ambulance stock
to reduce an invention to practice Verb
differential price system
(US) differential price system
income tax implementation ordinance
income tax implemention ordinance
to be the usual practice Verb
route of administration Noun, Pharmacology
code of good practice
law-enforcement authorities Noun, Law
lex loci solutionis
impossibility of performance of contract
medical malpractice Noun, Medicine
Section of Infrastructural Projects and Implementation Noun, Organizations
Wireless Application Protocol Noun
Department of Nuclear Energy Project Implementation Noun, Organizations
Directorate of Project Implementation Noun, Organizations
Department of Implementation and Evaluation of Free Zones Noun, Organizations
Office of Development and Implementation of Border Management Legislation and Administrative Capacity Noun, Organizations
Systems Application Architecture ( SAA ) Information Technology
Directorate General of Incentive Implementation and Foreign Investment Noun, Organizations
Section of Follow-up and Implementation of International Projects Noun, Organizations

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Uygulamak işi, gereğini yerine getirip iş ... geçirme, tatbik etme, tatbîkat