1. voluntary
  2. volunteer
  3. ready
  4. willing
  5. lief
  6. unsalaried clerk
  7. forward(s)
  8. volitent
volunteering İsim
capricious Sıfat
ready and willing
foreign volunteer İsim
magnanimous Sıfat
generous Sıfat
willing buyer
(soldier) volunteer
to enlist soldiers Fiil
enlistment engagement allowance
voluntary gift
unasked contribution
volunteer unit
voluntary efforts İsim
pro bono work İsim
voluntary undertaking
volunteer nurse
to file a petition in voluntary bankruptcy Fiil
voluntary export restraints İsim
ver (voluntary export restraint)
voluntary work
willing worker
voluntary unemployment
voluntary confession
voluntary village guard İsim, Siyaset-Ulusl. İlişkiler
volunteer committee
unsalaired clerk
unsalaried clerk
willingly Zarf
voluntarily Zarf
to enlist as a volunteer Fiil
voluntary appearance İsim
volunteer information
to declare one's willingness Fiil
to conciliate Fiil
to volunteer Fiil
voluntary payment
voluntary insurance
all volunteer armed force
voluntary social security service
supernumerary clerk
voluntary arbitration
voluntary neutrality İsim
voluntary disposition
voluntary winding up
voluntary liquidation
willing help
voluntary helper
to volunteer Fiil
voluntary disposition of land İsim
to volunteer for a campaign Fiil
to have little mind to do sth Fiil
voluntary exposure to unnecessary danger İsim
willingness to serve
readiness for service
to put up little fight Fiil
willingness to pay

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