Minister's approval İsim, Kamu Yönetimi
office of president
office of a chairman
presidency İsim
office of the president
attorney general's office
penal administration
interior customs post
inspection agency İsim, İşletme
supervisory authority
governmental authority
government department
exchange control authority
issuing authority
internal revenue service
price authority
income tax authority
office of a judge
judicial office
(US) governmental authority
magisterial rank
enforcing authority
executive authority
prosecution İsim, Hukuk
indictor İsim, Hukuk
the prosecution İsim, Hukuk
prosecution İsim, Hukuk
tender authority
appeals board
legal authority
consular archives
coordinate authority
credit control authority
licencing licensing committee
Undersecretariat İsim, Kurum İsimleri
Office of the Undersecretary İsim, Kurum İsimleri
government office
licencing committee
the crown authorities
defence defense agency
claim department
certifying authority
appeals board
fiscal jurisdiction
the provincial authorities
the provincial authority
to be high in office Fiil