Costa Rican: Kostarikalı. İsim
  1. request
  2. prayer
  3. desire
  4. İsim petition
  5. pleading
  6. supplication
  7. İsim entreaty
  8. intercession
  9. entreat
  10. İsim solicitation
  11. beseeching
  12. beseechingness
  13. obsecration
vain request
earnest request
special request
to make a request of sb Fiil
to deal with a request Fiil
My pleasure.
It's OK.
You're welcome.
Not at all. Cümle
It's okay.
to petition Fiil
to solicit Fiil
to beg Fiil
to supplicate Fiil
to conjure Fiil
to plead Fiil
to sue Fiil
to ask Fiil
to beseech Fiil
to request Fiil
to entreat Fiil
to put in Fiil
supplication letter
begging letter
supplicatory letter
to send by request Fiil
please excuse me
I beg your pardon
to request information Fiil
to rescind a contract by mutual consent Fiil
to ask something of someone Fiil
to entreat someone earnestly Fiil
to draw on someone for money Fiil
no flowers (by request)
no flowers (by request
to request the pleasure of sb's company Fiil
I need hotel accomodation for two nights
to request for further information
your presence is requested
to crave permission Fiil

Türkçe Sözlük (Kubbealti Lugati)

  1. Dilek, istek