1. Adjective lovely
  2. attractive
  3. desirable
  4. fascinating
  5. winning
  6. Adjective sexy
  7. Adjective glamorous
  8. Information Technology tractor
  9. appealing
  10. good
  11. inviting
  12. darling
  13. belle
  14. swinging
  15. seductive
  16. engaging
  17. enchanting
  18. spicy
  19. Adjective sensuous
  20. lovable
  21. alluring
  22. beguiling
  23. nice
  24. catchy
  25. debonair
  26. comely
  27. winsome
  28. dishy
  29. snazzy
  30. Noun, Automotive wrecker
  31. catching
  32. dragging
  33. prepossessing
  34. toothsome
  35. tractive
  36. magnetic
  37. fetching
  38. good looking
  39. likable likeable
  40. lovesome
  41. swish
  42. pin up
  43. salvage tug
  44. towing vehicle
  45. towtruck
  46. Noun, Automotive breakdown lorry
  47. Noun, Automotive breakdown truck
  48. Noun, Automotive tow truck
  49. canny
  50. pulchritudinous
  51. savo
luscious Adjective
noteworthy Adjective
invincible Adjective
gavel Noun, Law
larger-than-life Adjective
meaty Adjective
breakdown lorry
suspect Adjective
semi-trailer tractor Noun, Transport
towing vehicle Noun, Transport
excellent starting base salary plus unusually generous fringe benefits Noun
pull factor Noun
to appeal Verb
attractive power
tractor combination Noun, Transport
to appeal Verb
appealing advertising
tempting offer
without appeal
seduction Noun
to have long-term appeal Verb
to sell someone a project Verb
to reel someone in Verb
to have the hots for someone Verb
to bring out something Verb
to be a big draw Verb
to sweeten Verb
conspicuously Adverb
prominently Adverb
strikingly Adverb
to signalize Verb
movie camera
appeal to the public
interestingly Adverb
to be void of interest Verb
novelty Noun
strictly for the birds
to have something to offer Verb
attraction Noun
place of interest
to sightsee Verb
(US) mediagenic
trailer towing vehicle Noun, Transport

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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