1. Noun, Law defendant
  2. respondent
  3. contested
  4. litigant
  5. litigious
  6. impleaded
  7. in dispute
claimant Noun, Law
intervenor-plaintiff Noun, Law
plaintiff and defendant
plaintiff and counter-defendant Noun, Law
principal defendant
joint respondent
joint defendant
the party cited
to resolve an issue against the defendant Verb
to recover judgment against the defendant Verb
defense counsel
counsel for the plaintiff
defendant administrative body Noun, Law
the disputed claims office
to enter judgment for the defendant Verb, Law
verdict for the defendant
defendant's costs Noun
to stand accused Verb
to carry on a lawsuit Verb
defense witness
the defending party
defendant party
party to be charged
defendant and counter-plaintiff Noun, Law
defendant's counsel Noun, Law
intervenor-defendant Noun, Law
to defend in court of law Verb
defendant in court of appeal

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Dâvâ konusu olan