in the light of ...
by the name of
to pass by the name of Fiil
to be under the influence of intoxicating liquor Fiil
to get even for Fiil
to underlie Fiil
to be under embargo Fiil
to live below the minimum standard Fiil
to lead a hand- to-mouth existence Fiil
under fire
under the gun
to be under fire Fiil
ship under average
in the way
to tramp Fiil
to override Fiil
to hang around on the street corners Fiil
in pari causa
to oppress a minority Fiil
to oppress minority Fiil
under strict control
under duress Zarf, Hukuk
to act under pressure Fiil
to pay under compulsion Fiil
unlocking agreement
under certain circumstances
below expectations Sıfat, Ekonomi
to fly a flag Fiil
under the same roof
to be under a sway Fiil
to be under an imputation Fiil
to be unable to reply Fiil
to be under a charge Fiil
to remain under (an obligation Fiil
to have no retort (to sb's statement Fiil
to get even for Fiil
to labor under a burden Fiil
to lie under an obligation Fiil
to keep one's powder dry Fiil
to be under the influence of sb Fiil
to rank below Fiil
under the umbrella of the United Nations Zarf, Kurum İsimleri
to come under something Fiil
under the yoke
reduced to servitude
under such circumstances
under the given conditions
under these circumstances
under the present circumstances Zarf
under canvas
to be on hand at all times Fiil
below value
to exercise supervisory control Fiil
to call the shots Fiil
subcutaneous Sıfat
enemy- occupied
under the rules
economically beleaguered
to have within reach Fiil
to have money at hand Fiil
to have money to the fore Fiil
under lock and key
on equal terms
on an equal footing Zarf
malleability İsim
below the poverty line İsim, Ekonomi
to sell under price Fiil
to sell below price Fiil
to sell below price Fiil
under warranty
under our guarantee
under the seal of secrecy
under the guise of
under custody Sıfat
in the bag
under hatches
to be under seizure Fiil
to be under seizure Fiil
to writhe under insult Fiil
to be under treatment in hospital Fiil
under the usual provisions
without preoccupation
in the light of
under the guidance of
in the light of
under one's signature
to be in mortgage Fiil
under military occupation
to be under an imputation Fiil
to be under a charge Fiil
under the law
under one's own name
under lock and key
locked up
under cover of
under the guise of
under the command of
under control
to hold Fiil, Askerlik
to keep under control Fiil
in the face of
to be under suspicion Fiil
to sell under list price Fiil
to sell under cost price Fiil
selling below cost price
to keep one's letters under lock and key Fiil
under the present circumstances Zarf
to be obliged to someone for a kindness Fiil
under escort
sub sigillo
under the name of
(intelligent service) what's your cover
impolite custody
under surveillance
under arrest
custodial care
to keep in safe custody Fiil
under the leadership of
below normal
below average
to gunpoint to hold at gunpoint Fiil
below par
under cover of
to manipulate the market Fiil
to control the market Fiil
marginal production
at risk Sıfat
under the lee
to masquerade under a false name Fiil
under false colours
at foot of the page
surveillance in close confinement
to be under martial law Fiil
under arms
in the light of what you said
below standard
to not to come up to standard Fiil
under a cloud
under suspicion
to be clear of suspicion Fiil
under compulsion
under cure
in distress Sıfat
under one umbrella Sıfat
held covered Sigorta
to be under bonds Fiil
under our guarantee
below ground
to incriminate Fiil
below average
below the mark
crushed by taxation
under guardianship
in warden
in the rain
testimony under oath
under the stress of poverty
under his directorship
to pull the labouring oar Fiil
to act under constraint Fiil
to work under difficult conditions Fiil
distress selling