1. du jour
the man of the hour
leading topics of the hour İsim
time of day
hour of a day
on a given day
on a given d
today's value
at a late hour in the day
at a late hour of the day
remainder of the day
returns of the day
at all hours of the day
government of the day
lion of the day
questions of the day İsim
order of the day
topic of the day
to be very much on the map now Fiil
historical context İsim
fashion of the moment İsim
current fashion İsim
prevailing fashion İsim
present fashion İsim
leading fashion İsim
to be the vogue Fiil
to be in the vogue Fiil
to be currently fashionable Fiil
How was your day?
current events İsim
to rehearse the events of the day Fiil
midday İsim
noonday İsim
day to day policy İsim
daily mail İsim
latest fas
present fas
current quotation
quotation of the day
today's rate
today's price
artificial day
two-part tariff
at the end of the day Zarf
current date Bilgi Teknolojileri
(Fr.) plat du jour