1. stoppage
  2. to the credit of the account
  3. debit note
  4. offsetting entry
  5. entered in an account set-off
  6. deduction for a counterclaim
elimination cheque
set-off period
after allowing for
claim which can be set off
deductible expenses İsim
deductible loss
absorbed cost
deducted charges İsim
allowance for expenses
expenses deducted İsim
offset İsim
charges deducted İsim
settlement per contra
to offsetting Fiil
to enter (an item) in an account Fiil
to set-off Fiil
non-cash entry İsim, Muhasebe
payment account
deduction limit
letter of setoff
to settle a debt per contra Fiil
loss of deduction
to deduct a sum Fiil
to set off one item against the other Fiil
voucher a check (cheque ,)
expenditure to be charged to income
to be chargeable against income Fiil
to deduct discount Fiil
to deduct discount Fiil
cash disbursement journal
to deduct cost Fiil
to deduct expenses Fiil
to deduct expenses Fiil
deduction in advance
expense deducted
cheque only for account
only for account
to be written off against taxes Fiil

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