1. hour
  2. o'clock
  3. Bilgi Teknolojileri clock
  4. watch
  5. tide
  6. meter
  7. fob
  8. ticker
  9. timepiece
  10. timekeeper
  11. speedometer
  12. Bilgi Teknolojileri time
  13. the enemy
  14. time of day
  15. (electricity , gas or water) meter
  16. (km) taximeter
  17. başına by the hour
  18. time-piece
five years in Zarf
Retail sale of watches and jewellery in specialised stores (NACE code: G47.7.7) İsim, Sanayi ve Zanaatler
five years on Zarf
Manufacture of instruments and appliances for measuring, testing and navigation; watches and clocks (NACE code: C26.5) İsim, Sanayi ve Zanaatler
Wholesale of watches and jewellery (NACE code: G46.4.8) İsim, Sanayi ve Zanaatler
theoretical hours İsim, Eğitim
man hour
system of timekeeping according to which the clock is set at 12 : 00 at sun
loose hour
an hour from here
alarm clock
travelling clock
quarter hour
quarter of an hour
correct time
grandfather clock
electricity meter
electronic clock
two hours on end
cuckoo clock
eight hours a day
eight hours day
forty- hour week
forty-hours a week
hourly Zarf
extra hour
fast watch
self winding up- watch
(telephone) chargeable hour indicator
chargeable time indicator İletişim
local mean time
local time İsim
zone time
machine hour
central time
civil time
keyless watch
radio alarm
official time
striking clock
sympathetic clock
vacant hour
h- hour
current time Bilgi Teknolojileri
solid hour
reasonable hour
local time İsim
mean time
local mean time
around the clock
round the clock
time regulation
time signal
time signal
to give the correct time Fiil
on the hour
hourly Zarf
(bus) to run every hour Fiil
hourly bus service
hourly service of trains
hourly wage
output per hour
hourly output
gross hourly earnings
base salary
to charge by the hour Fiil
hourly efficiency
hour by hour
to set a time Fiil
five-o-flock tea
five o'clock tea
at 5 o'clock
at about one o'clock
at one o'clock
time zone
to regulate a watch or clock Fiil
time offset İsim
time difference İsim
like clockwork
as punctual as the clock
like clockwork
to have it down pat Fiil
as regular as clockwork
to be paid by time Fiil
to be paid by the hour Fiil
my watch is wrong
hour plate
to set a time Fiil
(factory) time clerk
watch chain
clock tower İsim, Mimarlık
escapement İsim
to strike twelve Fiil
to open at ten o'clock Fiil
to disperse at ten o'clock Fiil
regulator İsim
to reduce hours Fiil
to clock Fiil
to minute Fiil
to time Fiil
hourly earnings
hourly rate
hourly wage
wage per hour
gross hourly earnings
time wage
hourly payroll İsim
hourly wage rate
labor time ticket İsim
hourly employee employe
time work
hourly worker
watch and chain
clock rate Bilgi Teknolojileri
clock pulse Bilgi Teknolojileri
clock signal Bilgi Teknolojileri
it is seven o'clock
clockwise Bilgi Teknolojileri
counter clockwise Bilgi Teknolojileri
anticlockwise Bilgi Teknolojileri
watch chain
to run every hour Fiil
to go at twelve o'clock Fiil
round the clock
24-hour service
breakdown or off hire clause
to last an hour Fiil
to relax an hour Fiil
to move an hour ahead Fiil
to last an hour Fiil
in a matter of hours Zarf
gross average hourly earning
gross average hourly earnings
that watch keeps good time
to take four hours Fiil
minimum hourly rates of pay
early train
overtime rate
at all hours of the day
to run every hour Fiil
labor rate İsim
basic hourly rate
occupational rate
to sleep the clock round Fiil
average hourly earnings
average hourly earnings
in the hour of death
standard hourly wage
to wait a full hour Fiil
to take fully two hours Fiil
to break off for half an hour Fiil
local hour angle
round the clock service
round the clock service

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