1. Bilgi Teknolojileri Year
spring term İsim, Eğitim
millenarianism İsim, Din ve İnanç
academic year İsim, Eğitim
semester İsim, Eğitim
New Year's Eve İsim
leap year
academic year İsim, Eğitim
leap year
bissextile year
intercalary year
base year
fail year
full year
current year
bissextile year
the year after
the year before last İsim
last business year
last year
year- earlier
old year
past year
next year
year- later
each succeeding year
annually Zarf
yearly Zarf
per annum
mohammedan era
current financial year
year under survey
geophysical year
legal year
prosperous year
bonanza year
make-or-break year İsim
fiscal period
financial year
fiscal year
christian era
common year
first year at school
the year after next
prior taxable year
the year before
previous year
preceeding year
preceding year
the year bc
incoming year
closing year
whole year
base year
commercial calender
commercial year
trading year
tonnes per annum (t/a) İsim, Matematik
tons per annum (t/a) İsim, Matematik
no growth- year
yielding year
incoming year
throughout the year
year-round Sıfat
losses chargeable against the year İsim
to report as income from the year Fiil
to report as income for the year Fiil
during the course of the year Zarf
half- yearly rest
midyear dividend
sum- of-years digits method
sum-of-the-years'-digits method
at year-ends Zarf
end of the year İsim
year-end İsim, Muhasebe
close of the year İsim
year's end İsim
end-of-year İsim, Muhasebe
annual deficit
year end adjustment
end- of-the-year adjustment
end-of-the-year adjustment
end- year pressure
annual balance (sheet) İsim
to dress up the year end books Fiil
year end entries İsim
year end entrys İsim
year-end inventory
annual account
established statement of accounts
to establish statement of accounts Fiil
year-end closing İsim, Muhasebe
annual accounts İsim
to make up one's accounts Fiil
year-end compensation
position at the end of the year
annual closing İsim
corporate statement
year end need for cash
year end figures İsim
year end report
end-of-year examination
complete audit
year end compensation
year end dividend
year-end dividend
to get twenty years Fiil
to be in commission all the year Fiil
loan with a ...-year grace period İsim, Bankacılık
the ... of ... years ago İsim
to be protected for a period of 21 years Fiil
silver jubilee
lapse of five years
five years in Zarf
five years on Zarf
valid for one year
to be guaranteed for one year Fiil
contract good for one year
to do a stretch Fiil
yearlong Sıfat
yearlong Sıfat
a year and a day
to last someone ten years Fiil
to last someone ten years Fiil
to pass sentence of 5 years imprisonment on sb Fiil
to last someone ten years Fiil
to last someone ten years Fiil
in a matter of years Zarf
there is a year's guarantee on this watch
hemlines are lower this year
yearly round
to elect from a term of four years Fiil
to elect for a term of four years Fiil
profit of the previous year
retained earnings İsim, Muhasebe
losses from previous years İsim, Muhasebe
accumulated deficit İsim, Muhasebe
negative retained earnings İsim, Muhasebe
per annum
uniform cash flows İsim
to pay the rent annually in advance Fiil
to be elected for a term of two years Fiil
to pay the rent annually in advance Fiil
to pay the rent annually in advance Fiil
the contract has three more years to run
to review a salary annually Fiil
profit of the business year
accounts to the end of the financial year
to remain below year-before levels Fiil
in the coming decade Zarf
the agreement comes up for review for next year
tenant from year to year
to rest a field a year Fiil
to be sentenced to three years imprisonment Fiil
to engage for three years Fiil
new-year card
new- year card
new year's message
New Year's Eve party İsim
New Year greetings İsim
New Year's Eve celebration İsim
New Year party İsim
New Year's message İsim
New Year celebration İsim
season's greetings
to carry forward a loss for one year Fiil

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