1. Sıfat moot
  2. light
  3. foolish
  4. empty
  5. Bilgi Teknolojileri trivial
  6. small
  7. indifferent
  8. scrub
  9. little
  10. insignificant
  11. punk
  12. secondary
  13. worthless
  14. unimportant
  15. vile
  16. null
  17. Bilgi Teknolojileri minor
  18. Sıfat tenuous
  19. Sıfat frivolous
  20. Sıfat low-key
  21. immaterial
  22. paltry
  23. minuscule
  24. inconsiderable
  25. inconsequential
  26. puny
  27. trifling
  28. fiddly
  29. dinky
  30. Pygmy
  31. weightless
  32. inconspicuous
  33. fractional
  34. meaningfulness
  35. fiddling
  36. scrubby
  37. slipshod
  38. second-rate
  39. sixpenny
  40. nugatory
  41. piddling
  42. poxy
  43. Sıfat venial
  44. shitty
  45. piffling
  46. come down a peg or two
  47. inconsequent
  48. unsubstantial
  49. petty dealer
  50. mean
  51. meritless
  52. peddling
  53. unessential
  54. nominal
  55. slight
  56. pimping
  57. mickey mouse
  58. no- account
  59. no great shakes
  60. no odds
  61. paltry debts
  62. jerkwater
  63. of no significance
  64. smalltime
  65. nothing to make a song about
  66. of no weight
  67. footling
  68. simple
  69. petty
  70. without importance
  71. of no importance
  72. of no import
  73. matterless
  74. Sıfat of little account
  75. Sıfat of no account
  76. pistareen
  77. tinhorn
  78. two-by-four
  79. child's play
  80. nickel-and-dime
nominal assets
price is no object
dog catcher Siyaset-Ulusl. İlişkiler
peddling details İsim
petty details İsim
minor details İsim
minutiae İsim
to be nobody Fiil
petty debts İsim
small debts İsim
petty case
small matter
petty cause
trumpery arguments İsim
not in any appreciably degree
culpa levissima
subordinate plot
negligible difference
minute difference
outlying considerations İsim
price is no object
gutter paper
to downplay Fiil
to trivialize Fiil
petty troubles İsim
to moot Fiil
small damage
trivial loss
petty damage
minimal damage
trifling error
slight error
slight fault
petty faults İsim
petty cash book
petty animosities İsim
picayune business
smalltime affair
small concerns İsim
petty affairs İsim
immaterial objection
trivial objections İsim
pinpoint prick
trivial loss
two spot
small beer
non entity-
insignificant person
immaterial issue
trivial matter
minutiae İsim
small talk
minor defect
insignificant expenses İsim
paltry sum
insignificant sum
petty amounts İsim
negligible quantity
to fume over trifles Fiil
to not amount to much Fiil
to not come into it Fiil
to be void of interest Fiil
peanut politician
walk on
to talk commonplaces Fiil
small talk
summary offense İsim
trifling offense İsim
knick nack
a mere trifle
triviality İsim
frivolity İsim
no light matter
to worry about trifles Fiil
to stick on trifles Fiil
to stand upon trifles Fiil
to not to stick trifles Fiil
to wrangle over trifles Fiil
to fret over trifles Fiil
insignificant demand
fringe outfit
parlo u r tricks İsim
insignificant loss
to play down an issue Fiil
to think nothing of something Fiil
mere representations İsim
immaterial facts İsim
potty little jobs İsim

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