1. go
  2. off
  3. permission
  4. allowance
  5. pass
  6. excuse
  7. leave
  8. liberty
  9. dismissal
  10. İsim sanction
  11. blessing
  12. permit
  13. countenance
  14. İsim authorization
  15. imprimatur
  16. İsim vacation
  17. go ahead
  18. letter of grant
  19. licence license
  20. leave of absence
  21. green light
  22. congé
visitor's permit
excise licence
search warrant
travelling warrant
draft leave
military leave İsim, İstihdam
(Br) firearms certificate
firearms certificate
hunting permit
shooting licence
fishing permit
licence license to print
licence license to carry on a trade
permission to deal on the stock exchange
discharging permit
burial permit
paternity leave İsim, İstihdam
maternity leave İsim, İstihdam
home leave
common licence license
(Fr.) laissez passer
clearance outwards
immigration permit
burial permit
customs pass
customs permission
customhouse permit
bill of clearance
expenditure authorization
sick leave İsim, İstihdam
air carrier permit
deductions allowed for gifts of charity
occupation licence
government permit
government permission
royal assent
licence license to export
export licence license
export permit
permis de séjour
entry and registry permit
residence permit İsim, Hukuk
residence permit
manufacturing license
landing right
landing clearance
building permit
building licence license
housing permit
planning permission
municipal permission allowing people to live in a new building
certificate of occupancy İsim, İnşaat
occupancy permit İsim, İnşaat
permission to transact business
processing permit
corporation licence license
licence license to operate
import authorization
import permit
import licence
import permit
exchange authorization
landing card
shore leave
royal assent
royal assent
credit authorization
liberty of a port
mining licence
(US) treasury consent
treasury consent
casual leave İsim, İstihdam
compassionate leave İsim, İstihdam
permission to dispose of a body
management permission
study leave
right of abode İsim, Hak ve Özgürlükler
residence permit İsim, Uluslararası Hukuk
funeral leave İsim, Hukuk
bereavement leave İsim, Hukuk
(Br) special licence
patent licensing
official search certificate
shore leave
purchase (purchasing) permit
purchasing permit
sales authorization
travel clearance
traveller's pass
sick leave İsim, İstihdam
examination qualitification
examination qualification
frontier pass
gun license
ticket of leave
(US) holiday adventure
compensatory time off
privilege of transit Ulaşım
transit permit
paid home leave
paid sick leave
withholding authorization
licence license to manufacture
certificate of occupancy İsim, İnşaat
part time day release
part-time day release
investment authorization
investment authorisation
written permission to reside
demolition permit
landing permit
stamp note
general permission
short holiday
special authorization
special permit
government authorization
official authorization
government permission
green light
indefinite leave
extended leave
permission in writing
written permission
to get the nod Fiil
to get authorization Fiil
permit İsim
admission board
to ask for leave Fiil
to request permission Fiil
to seek permission Fiil
letter of grant
leave schedule
vacation procedure
permit system
contract for holiday
request for a holiday
vacation request
vacation compensation
holiday pay
permissible Sıfat
to allow Fiil
to admit of something Fiil
to give a discharge Fiil
to set one's seal to Fiil
to warrant Fiil
to leave Fiil
to consent Fiil
to give permission Fiil
to give leave Fiil
to say yes Fiil
will not hear of

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