1. sale
  2. disposal
  3. selling
  4. sell
  5. vendition
to bail on someone Fiil
You can't con a con artist. Cümle, Deyim
You can't con a conman. Cümle, Deyim
tying-in sales Rekabet Hukuku
currency dealing
money changing
house to house selling
divestment İsim, Ekonomi
no parade
selling below cost İsim, Rekabet Hukuku
trading in option
privatization İsim
mail- order selling
mail-order selling
(US) to sell for future delivery
inclination to sell
selling right
to sell off Fiil
to sell to the last thing Fiil
option to put
option deal for the put
put option
merchandising technique
prohibition to sell
authority to sell
authority to negotiate
excise licence
licenced licensed premises
high licence license
publicant's license İsim
justice's licence license
liquor licence license
licenced licensed saloon
licenced licensed victualler
to be licenced licensed to sell drinks Fiil
licencing licensing authority İsim
to license liquor selling Fiil
to license liquour selling Fiil
licencing licensing hours İsim
to be licenced licensed to sell sth Fiil
to be licensed to sell sth Fiil
tag-along right İsim, Hukuk
haute couture
licence license fee (s)
excise licence license
(Br) excise licence
liquor licence
licenced licensed house
licencee licensee
exclusive sole (right to sell
merchandise manager
catalog ue business
resale value
right of resale